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Samsung SMART TV 46-Inch 3D LED 8000 Series  

2D & 3D in Full HD 1080p
Design LED TV
Smart TV with Samsung Apps

Inputs & Outputs
1.2” Depth
1 Component Inputs ~ Analog video connection that transmits information along two or three separate signals.
4 HDMI Inputs ~ High Definition MultiMedia Interface. CEC ensures HDMI components can be controlled by one remote.
1 PC (D-sub 15 Pin) ~ VGA connection that transmits analog component video signals via 15 shielded pins at the end of a cable.
1 PC Audio Input (Mini Jack) ~ Port that allows television to receive high-quality sound directly from a computer.
1 Digital Audio (Optical) ~ Ports used to transmit digital audio streams between components without interference.
1 Audio Output (Mini Jack)
1 Ethernet Port ~ Connection linking TV to Local Area Networks (LAN) for up-to-the-minute RSS feeds like news and weather.
3 USB 2.0 Ports ~ Universal Serial Bus. Interface standard for connecting peripherals to a computer. USB 2.0 is high-speed.

Retail $2,099
OBB Price $1399

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